50 years of experience and reliability


Over half a century of experience of witnessing the reliability of Dieci’s concrete mixer trucks.

The proven design of the spiral screw allows a homogeneous mixture in all sections. Furthermore, the impressive thickness of the steel used for the mixing vessel ensures a long life-span, without distortion.

Unmatched agility and versatility for the one movement loading system, preventing material leakage during the phases of introduction in the rotating vessel.

Manoeuvrability, compactness and agility, combined with 4WD, make indispensable the Dieci concrete mixer trucks with automatic loading.

Dieci AB F7000
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Conrete yield 5 CU M
127 CU FT
Water tank capacity 820 L
Loading shovel capacity 600 L
Water tank capacity
820 l
Loading shovel capacity
600 l
Engine max power
127 hp
Maximum speed
27 km/h
Total weigth (empty - with loading shovel)
7 400 kg / 16 315 lb
Total weigth (empty - without loading shovel)
7 050 kg / 15 540 lb
Conrete yield
5 cu m / 127 cu ft
Self-priming water pump
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