Finding financing for equipment with the best possible conditions isn’t always easy. At Drapeau Corporation, We made it simple! We have agreements with several major financial companies specializing in equipment and machinery financing so we can offer you the best conditions based on your profile. We’ll help you with your financing request until the contracts are signed and even afterward, if necessary. You don't have to go all the way to your financial institution. Everything takes place in our offices or remotely.

We offer two types of financing. You can choose between a conditional sales contract (CSC) or a tent-to-own lease. The conditional sale contract (CSC) is a sale by which the transfer of ownership of the sold property takes place immediately in exchange for a subsequent commitment. The total taxes are payable up front. Rent-to-own lease is a contractual medium-term credit method whereby a leasing company acquires ownership of capital goods at the request of a client for the purpose of leasing it to the same client for a predetermined period, in return for a monthly rent. Upon expiration, the contract allows the tenant to purchase the equipment at a predetermined date and price. Taxes are payable monthly based on your monthly payment.

Several options are available as needed:

We’ll guide you through the process from the beginning to the end of the transaction to keep your financing experience as simple as possible. Please note that the normal approval period for credit is usually between 4 and 48 hours depending on demand, equipment purchased and your credit score.

Let us help you finance your equipment.

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